PPic: Oberon Golf Course - Links Pro Am 2006

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Links SCA Caddies

Ever dreamed of being a caddie on the PGA Golf Tour? Links Caddies

Caddies are a valuable assets to tour players, likewise Links caddies are evenmore than this - they are the backbone of our ministry!

Links SCA is supported financially and prayerfully by individuals and companies who everywhere share our vision. Those whose donations total more than $1,000 per year we call Links Caddies. We are thankful for the regular support of these donors.

For those who support us in prayer we produce a bimonthly prayer letter which can be obtained by contacting our office.

Tax-deductible charitable DONATIONS to Links SCA may be mailed to:
Links SCA, 30 The Broadway,
Punchbowl NSW 2196

You may also donate using direct debit facilities by calling (02) 9740 9069 to arrange.


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