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Is there Golf In Heaven?

Most golfers I know assume that there is golf in heaven and that they will be playing with their mates. I realize that much of this is in jest, but underlying this is a need to feel good about our future after we die.

In answering the question; “Is There Golf in heaven?”; the first part is to describe what heaven is like and who will be there? While there is much about heaven we do not know, the bible helps present a picture of what heaven is like.
I see no reason why there will not be golf in heaven. I see no reason why we will not have to work hard for a good score. I see no reason why we will not play with our mates.

The only thing I am convinced of is that heaven is a place where worshipping God is at the heart of life. All of life is God’s gift, including golf. God will fill our world.

The book in the bible that talks most about heaven is the book of Revelation.
Heaven is a place where God rules unchallenged.  It is more than a place in the sky; it represents the place and environment where God is worshipped forever. Heaven reminds us that there is only one God. Revelation Chapter 4 verse 11 provides a good summary of what heaven is about: “Our Lord and God! You are worthy to receive glory, honor and power. For you create all things, and by your will they were given existence and life.” (CEV).

If heaven is about anything; it is about worshipping God who is eternal and giving thanks to God for all God’s gifts to us.
Heaven is where God rules; where God’s goodness, righteousness, justice, holiness and purity is present. Ultimately heaven is where people will live in freedom, opportunity, health and peace in a new world. Heaven is a place that is  not spoilt and lasts forever.

Our hope to participate in heaven is a future one. Life on earth now has been spoilt. We are sinners and are guilty of rebellion and as such are disqualified from the place where God rules. The sin bin and disqualification is real with God and we are helpless on our own to be re-instated. Left to our own devices, we have no hope.
As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ has rescued us by dying and rising again to give eternal life to all who believe. He did this for us. Jesus now reigns in heaven and will one day return to bring our history, as we know it to an end and to establish a new heaven and earth.

In short, Jesus makes the gift of heaven possible. The only other alternative is hell. Heaven cannot be earned by us, but can only be received by those who turn to Jesus and  follow God in their life. Heaven is thus the next step after death for those who love God and have put their trust in Jesus.

It is not uncommon today for people to believe that heaven is a place for them. The key factor though is whether we long to live and enjoy God’s presence.

In the future, heaven and earth come together as God lives among us in all his glory. It is the restoration of life that was lost in the beginning, now recovered among those who love and worship God. There is every reason to believe that in heaven we will have renewed bodies; that there will be a renewed physical earth and that we will be using our gifts to enjoy life without the pain, selfishness and greed and fear of our present life.

So if your planning to go to heaven; start filling your life with worshipping the one who gives you life, and Jesus who can by faith in him set you free from your sins. It is not our goodness or otherwise that will count, but our relationship to the one who has secured our life; Jesus that will count.

Is there golf in heaven? I am not sure. God will be there, that’s all that matters.

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