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Books and resources

bi-monthly newsletter

Links SCA publishes a bi-monthly newsletter called “Keeping on the Fairway”.

This includes:

  • messages of encouragement in following Jesus from a golfers perspective
  • news on our national coordinator
  • occasional life stories on golfers
  • up and coming golf events
  • opportunity to support our ministry.

Links SCA is part of a worldwide fellowship of Christian golfers and also distributes a USA Links Letter.

Links Australia has produced, with help of the bible society, a golfers New Testament, titled 'On Course'.

We also have a range of tapes, videos and books on integrating life, golf and God in a variety of ways.

Recommended Books & Videos:

1. Bible "On Course",

A New Testament for golfers. Includes stories from international and Australian golfers on how the bible has helped them in life. Published by the Bible Society 1998.

2. Golfers biography on life and golf.

  • "In His Grip" by Jim Shead and Wally Armstrong. A bible reading and devotional book including quotes from famous golf professionals on the game of golf. Published by Word Publishing, 1996.

  • "The heart of a Golfer" by Wally Armstrong on timeless lessons and truths about faith life and golf. Published by Zondervan in 2002.

  • "Ben Hogan" by James Dodson. His autobiography. Published by Doubleday, a division of Random House. 2004.

  • "Golf How/by Orville Who? by Jim Hiskey. The autobiography of Orville Moody winner of the 1969 US Open. Published by Hawthorn Books, Inc 1972.

  • "The Mulligan" - a 9-hole course on life, God and golf.

  • "The Masters Champions Video" - which includes the career, life and Christian testimony of Bernhard Langer and Larry Mize, U.S. Masters

3. On Faith.

  • "Is God Passed His Sell-By date?" by John Blanchard. A book that explores difficult questions the Christian faith raises in respect to truth, science and the problem of evil. Published by Evangelical Press 2002.

  • "A Spectators Guide to World Religions" by John Dickson. Explores the Hindu, Buddist, Jewish faiths as well as Christianity and Islam. Published by Blue Bottle Books 2004.

  • "Does God Believe in Atheists?" by John Blanchard. A Book that explores the history of ideas on God and atheism. Published by Evangelical Press. 2000.

  • "The Truth about Jesus" by Paul Barnett. Explores how the New Testament book on the life of Jesus is a credible witness to his life. Published by Aquila Press 2004.

  • "Promoting The Gospel" by John Dickson. A book on how to share the Christian faith. Published by Blue Bottle Books. 2005.

4. Pastoral Issues.

  • "Good Grief" by Granger Westberg. Looks at the different stages of Grief. Published by Desbooks. 2003.

  • "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. A look at how to show love to your partner through words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, acts of service and physical touch. Published by Northfield Publishing 2004.
    The Five Love Languages for Teenagers and Children by Gary Chapman.

  • "Helping People Through Grief" by Delores Kuenning. A practical guide to helping people through many different types of grief and loss. published by Bethany House Publishers 1984.

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