PPic: Oberon Golf Course - Links Pro Am 2006

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Golf Practice Drills

Golf Practice Drills are provided by Kurt Stegbauer
- Head Coach Sutherland Shire Golf Academy.

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Instead of wasting your time with meaningless "Golf Tips" we give our readers useful practice drills that we know will help improve your game.

Grip Pressure

A lot of golfers often complain about their hands slipping on the golf club during the golf swing. This can be attributed to having incorrect pressure points in your grip.

A simple drill to ensure that the pressure points are correct is to hold the golf club with your index and pinky finger off the grip - as seen in the picture. By doing this you will move the pressure points to the outside (top and bottom) of the grip.

Hit 20 or 30 balls with a wedge and you will soon find that the club will not move in your hands. When you return to your normal grip adopt the same pressure points.

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